​​Student Travel Grantees​

​Congratulations, Student Travel Grantees!

The following ISD student members received travel support from ISD to attend non-ISD Conferences in 2023.​​

David Paz

University of Texas, El Paso​
Society of Developmental Biology (July 20-24, 2023, Chicago, IL U.S.A.)​

Hcfc1a, an ortholog of HCFC1, regulates brain development and Akt/mTor signaling



​Cash Kumar

Banaras Hindu University, India 

Society of Developmental Biology (July 20-24, 2023, Chicago, IL U.S.A.)

smRNA in Gonad Development: A search for tiny regulators governing tight regulation during s​ex determination and gonad development in mice


Daniela Di Bella

Harvard University

EMBO Workshop: Gene regulatory mechanisms in neural fate decisions​
(Sept 7-10, 2023, Alicante, Spain)

Multi Modal Atlas of Cellular Diversification in the Mouse Cerebral Cortex


Viraj Doddihal

Stowers Institute for Medical Research, USA

Unconventional and Emerging Experimental Organisms in Cell and Developmental Biology organized by The Company of Biologists
(Sept 17-20, 2023 in Wotton House, Surrey, United Kingdom)

Functional integration of body axes during regeneration is mediated by a PAK kinase and the Hippo/Yki pathway


Bahareh Estiri

University of Galway, Ireland

European D​evelopmental Biology Conference (Paris hub)
(September 25-28, 2023, Keble College, Oxford, United Kingdom

Context-dependent efforts of Eya1 in sensory neurogenesis



Harriet Sharp

University of Warwick, United Kingdom

Biochemical Society RNA Granules 2023​
(October 9-11, 2023, De Vere Horsley Estate, Surrey, United Kingdom)

Image analysis of germplasm behaviour reveals complex distribution patterns in early zebrafish embryos

​Bethany Barnes

University of Manche​ster, United Kingdom

The Notch Meeting XI
(October 6-10, 2023, Athens, Greece)

Identifying synthetic lethal candidates to target Notch-driven cancers via quantitative proteomics

​Sukanya Raman

National Centre for Biological Sciences, India

The Company of Biologists' Workshop: Single Cell View 3D Genome Architecture
(November 26-29, 2023, East Sussex, United Kingdom)

Delineating SOX2 function during different stages cochlear development