About the International Society of Differentiation​​

​​​​​Who Are We?

​​The ISD is a non-profit professional society dedicated to advancement of the field of cell and developmental biology. Founded as a result of the First International Conference on ​Differentiation held in Nice in 1971, the ISD seeks to provide an international forum for communication of research in three key areas – cancer, morphogenesis and stem cells – through international meetings and through the journal, Differentiation.

Why Should I Join ISD?

​​​By joining the ISD you become part of an energetic and dedicated community of international researchers that is working for the advancement of the field of cancer, morphogenesis and stem cells. Membership in the ISD provides a free on-line subscription to Differentiation., free color pages to authors submitting manuscripts to Differentiation., reduced registration fees to international meetings held every two years, personal contacts in the field, research links, career openings, and support for students attending the ISD Conference and targeted local satellite meetings.